Ayatul Kursi - Carved Wood on Silk
Ayatul Kursi - Carved Wood on Silk
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Ayatul Kursi - Carved Wood on Silk

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Ayat al-Kursi is regarded as one of the most powerful ayahs in the Quran because when it is recited, the greatness of God is believed to be confirmed. The person who recites this ayah morning and evening will be under protection of Allah r.

 The material used in this items is silk on arabic calligraphy carved wood, with the PVC frames. With the size of 20*100 cm without frame and 25x105cm with frames. We have different colors and design.

*Ideal for interior design because the design itself look like cozy and classic when you hang it on your wall. 

*This is unique and it will long last for how many years.

*Perfect for the present.